Guarantees and Warranties

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, any manufacturing fault occurring within 6 months of receiving your product, we will offer a replacement or a refund. After you have owned the product for six months the customer will be required to prove that the issue was there when they received the product and the fault is not due to ordinary wear and tear, or damage the customer caused, and that the product (or a component of the product) should have lasted longer than it did.

We are not responsible for items that are damaged due to the result of normal wear and tear.

Please make sure to adhere to all care instructions on a product page and any description on the product that alludes to organic, distressed, rustic or repurposed.

If the item is not cared for as per our recommendations has been damaged because of this, we cannot be responsible and we will not be able to issue a replacement, an exchange or a refund.

For electrical items, there may be extended guarantee through the manufacturer- please refer to original product packaging for more information.


Information and disclaimer on our wood products

Wood is a natural product that responds to temperature and humidity variations by expanding and contracting. Sometimes these changes may be noticeable in the physical appearance of the product.

Although every care is taken to ensure our products are able to handle temperature and humidity changes, the conditions of your home can affect the wooden products you buy from us. Your items can experience small movements and cracks as it adjusts - this is not a fault, but a natural occurrence within the fibres of a natural product.

We advise you to keep the product in consistent, stable conditions to minimise the affects of temperature and moisture change in the atmosphere. For example, avoiding placing the product close to a heat sources such as a radiator or oven will go a long way to ensuring the longevity of the product.

All wood products are produced using timber that is treated to reasonably protect against issues such as insects and rot, but the risk of these issues cannot be removed entirely. If any issues are found to exist on your products, we recommend treating the affected areas with suitable repellent chemicals to help minimise the risk of any further issues. Having taken all reasonable steps to avoid this such issues, we cannot be held liable for any related damage caused.

The reclaimed wood found on some of our products are uniquely made crafted from reclaimed wood. Each piece is individual and over 100 years old.

Due to the handmade nature of these products and the rustic character any imperfections are to be embraced. We cannot offer or guarantee any uniformity, tone or colour throughout the wood. It is the character of this timber and not a defect. If you are not prepared to accept the variety of colours and grains found in this wood, you should consider buying a different product.


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